Business Insurance

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance will protect you if legal action is filed against you by a dissatisfied client, who has incurred financial loss, injury or damage, due to alleged professional negligence or omission.

If any aspect of your business is involved in providing a professional service or advice to other parties, whether businesses or individuals, it is essential that you protect your interests by taking out professional indemnity insurance.

This will protect you in the event that you allegedly make a mistake or provide erroneous advice, which results in a client financial loss and consequently filing a claim against you.

Typically, this type of insurance is taken out by such professionals as architects, accountants, solicitors, journalists, computer consultants, business consultants and all types of construction or engineering consultants, as well as businesses operating abroad and those with exposure to foreign markets but the list is arguably endless.

With access to many of the leading insurers, we can arrange a policy that is tailored to your specific requirements, and can advise on the level of indemnity cover suitable for you and your business. We can also advise on public and product liability, and legal indemnities all of which can often be wrapped up into one single package arrangement.

Extensions to your cover can include libel or slander, dishonesty of employees, run off liability, loss of or damage to documents and incoming or outgoing partners.