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Liability Insurance

With in-depth knowledge of policies available, we can help to guide you through the various forms of liability insurance available for your business.

Liability Insurance
We have the experience to advise on the many different types of liability insurance based on the level of cover that will best suit your business, to ensure you are protected against potential risks.

Our understanding of risks has been built on arranging liability cover for a diverse range of clients across many sectors. The various liabilities include:

Public Liability
Although not a legal requirement, public liability is highly recommended as legal liability is covered against third-parties suing you for loss, injury or death from a result of negligence while operating your business.

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Employer’s Liability
Mandatory by law as an employer to protect your legal liability against death, disease or injury sustained by your employees whilst in your employment.

Directors' and Officers Liability
As a director or an officer this insurance will protect you if a claim is brought against you for neglect, errors, actual or alleged breach of duty, omissions or mis-statements.